Everything you should know about ESTA visa

Do I need an ESTA visa? If you belong to a country participating in VWP program and visiting US for short time that is for up to 90 days then you need electronic authorization. It is for your convenience as the authorization is quick and also it will remove the need to have a regular visa for visit.

If you are visiting US for a long time then you have to take the regular visa route that cumbersome and time consuming but for short visits, there is electronic authorization. You only need filling a simple online form and send it to US authorities for evaluation. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes in filling the form and the authorities won’t take more than an hour in determining authorization.

It is electronic clearance hence doesn’t require substantiation. The authorization is provided on the basis of the details provided in the application. The application is kept simple but the applicants are advised to go through guidelines before starting filling the application. No corrections are allowed in the application and also the applicants have to pay a meager fee of $14 with ESTA online application form. The form is available on US government sites and also there are third-party sites that help in filling the form.

If you want to save money then you can choose to fill your form for electronic authorization on a government site but if you want to ensure that you enter correct details then you should use a third-party site. A third-party site will provide you comprehensive details on the guidelines released for filling the form. The only drawback of using a third-party site is its cost. It will charge a little more than the $14 fee. The site will add its profit to the fee.

US government allows applicants to access the form through third-party sites. ESTA visa online is available only on government site but it can be accessed from non-government sites. You can choose your site and use its services to fill your application form. The site will help in entering correct details at a meager service charge. You will get a fake form to fill before the details entered into the fake form to the real form.

Electronic authorization has many advantages. It eases the pressure from US immigration authorities and also it provides visitors an opportunity to skip the regular visa process.


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