Group travel to US made easy with ESTA

US travelers from countries participating in Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are provided electronic authorization for short travels to US. They are allowed visa-free travel for up to 90 days and for any reason from leisure to business. Single travelers should apply for electronic authorization individually and those traveling in communities can apply for group esta visa.

What is a group?

It is a set of people but they have similar destination, travel time and reason. A set of travelers going to same place; for same reason and for same time are provided one visa. If you are going to US with your family, friends or colleagues then you should fill one form for all and apply for one visa for all. It is easy and anyone from your family, friends or colleagues can do this job.

How to apply for one visa for all?


Go to a US visa website and access the electronic authorization form. Enter details about each traveler and then submit the group esta application. Soon after submission of the form, you will get a Group Identification Number with which you can track status of your form and also you will get one authorization for all. There will be no hassle in travelling with one visa. If you want, you can ask all the members to submit individual applications to get electronic authorization.

Why should you apply for one visa?

If all the members apply for individual visas, chances are that they could get electronic authorization in a hassle free manner. But what if one of the members doesn’t get visa? In this situation, the member has to apply for a regular visa that could take some time. If the member doesn’t get regular visa on time, you will have to leave without that member.

Group visa advantage

When you apply for group esta visa application, you ask for one visa for all and if the visa form is turned down no one gets electronic authorization. All the members can move to regular visa route to get visa for the trip. But there are little chances of the group requested rejected by the authorities. In fact, US authorities don’t reject ESTA forms until it is very necessary.

The most important thing about ESTA is that it is not a visa but permission to enter the US. You have to show electronic authorization at the time of entering the US and there the authorities can turn you back, if they find a reason to stop you from entering the US.


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