Only an ESTA consultant can provide real help in filling your ESTA application

How will you fill your esta application online form? You have two options. First, you can find the form on the web and fill it on your own. If you are thinking of filling the electronic clearance form without any help then make sure you have all the details and that you make no mistake in the form. Check the application before hitting the submit button.

Second, you can hire an expert for the job and get freedom from the hassle of entering multiple details in the form and checking the duly filled form again and again. The expert will take responsibility of filling the application in an error free manner. When you hire an expert, you can rest assured that your request for electronic clearance won’t be turned down over silly mistakes.

An applicant can fill only one esta online application form as there is no provision for resubmitting rejected applications. If your request for electronic clearance is turned down, you will be left with no option other than to apply for regular visa. But you can avoid this situation by involving an ESTA consultant in the process. Let an expert do the job.

Involving an expert will cost you a price but you don’t have to worry as you will get expected return on investment. The expert will get your form scrutinized and cleared without any hassle. And you will get clearance before 72 hours that is the usual time of getting clearance. You will pay approximately $30 for the service and the fee will include the visa processing fee of $14.

There is an esta online form for every traveler and also the application is also available for groups. US authorities take a group to be a unit and they have no objection in providing group visa. An expert can help.

If you want, you can do your job on your own. You can fill your electronic application with the help of guidelines provided for applicants but you will regret your decision of trying filling your application form without any help, if it is rejected. But you can escape the hassle.

The only precaution you need taking with your esta application form is to fill every detail correctly. You will get electronic clearance for two years but it can be renewed before the present visa expires. Also you can make multiple trips to US within the duration of the visa.


ESTA has flexible validity as you can renew you ESTA application before expiry

Since ESTA validity is extendable, your travel authorization will never expire.US authorities keep alerting the visa-free travelers about their electronic visa status. You will receive notification regarding expiry date of your electronic authorization at least one before. If you think that you need travel authorization, you can reapply for the visa.

Circumstances in which you should renew electronic authorization

US authorities want the electronic visa holders to renew their visas in the following circumstances

  1. Your ESTA is going to expire and you want to keep it for future use.
  2. You change your legal name. The electronic authorization will stand expired, if the travel document isn’t updated with the changed name.
  3. You change your gender. The electronic visa must have your true identity.
  4. You have a new passport. Electronic clearance is granted on the basis of passport and if the passport is changed, the travel document has to be updated with the change.

Every year hundreds of visa-holders apply for ESTA visa renewal but not all applications are approved. A number of renewal applications are trashed and the applicants are advised to furnish fresh applications for new visas. It is so because their applications aren’t complete or supported by mandatory documents. If you don’t want your renewal application to be trashed then you should be careful while entering details and providing documents in support to the changes.

Every passport holder should get electronic clearance

ESTA is provided for two years or till the expiry of passport. The travel document authorizes the document holder to make multiple visits to US. If you have passport and you want to travel to US for short time, you will need applying for the electronic clearance. To save the hassle, you can get travel authorization in advance and keep renewing the authorization from time to time.

How to apply and renew electronic visa?

ESTA application is sent online and there is no other way of applying for electronic visa. You can take help of a visa advisor to fill and submit your application. Find a reliable visa site and allow the site to fill the application on your behalf. The site will do the needful.

ESTA processing fee is nominal. It is $14 but the site will charge fee for its services. Overall, you will pay around $29.99 for visa application. It is the highest and reasonable fee for filing electronic travel authorization.

Why expert help is needed to fill esta visa online form?

Do you know why most esta visa online applications are rejected? It is due to silly mistakes that travelers can avoid. A small mistake like wrong spelling of your name could become basis for rejection of the application. If you are applying for ESTA then you should be careful while entering crucial details in your form.

There is a way to fill the form in an error free manner and it is to take help of an expert. You don’t need taking the pain of filling the form as an expert will do the job for you. The expert will fill the form and also notify you about approval. You won’t have to wait for more than 72 hours for clearance but you can get approval within 24 hours.

Advantage of involving an expert for filling esta visa form is that you will get more time for preparation. You won’t have to find the details needed and then enter the details correctly on the form. In short, you don’t have to fear for rejection as the expert will make sure that the form remains error free. An expert knows what details are required for travel authorization hence he won’t make any mistake in entering the details in the form.

How much the expert will charge for this service? This question will certainly come to your mind when you think of taking help of an ESTA expert. You have to pay $14 as processing fee for the application and after adding the expert fee, the amount shouldn’t be greater than $29.99. Also the expert will take guarantee of success. Fee is charged only for successful applications.

Before you go for apply esta visa online, consider the advantages of taking help of an expert. Getting electronic clearance will become a hassle free affair and also you will get guarantee of success. You will get electronic clearance within 24 hours or in maximum 72 hours. Also you don’t have to visit anywhere for visa as the expert will send you copy of the electronic visa.

You can get group visa, if you are traveling in group and also you can renew your visa before the electronic clearance expires. ESTA is provided for two years and the visa holder is allowed to make multiple trips to US within this time period. If you often go to US then you should keep your electronic clearance ready for travel.

An ESTA consultant can get you travel clearance in a hassle free manner

Let an expert fill your ESTA application online form and you remain free from the hassle. The expert doesn’t need any authorization from his client to fill his form. Anyone can fill the form for anyone. You can hire an expert that will fill the form and make sure that you get travel clearance.

There are consultants that are experts in ESTA. They have websites with online visa forms. If you hire an expert for the job, you will assign task of filling the electronic clearance form to the consultant. Also the consultant will take the responsibility of filling the form in error free manner. He will charge a fee for service but it won’t be an expensive affair. You will pay around $29.99 and it will include the visa processing fee of $14.

It is better to pay an expert for filling the form instead of facing rejection and taking the regular visa route for travel authorization. If your ESTA application is rejected, you won’t get a second chance to reapply for travel authorization. But once you get electronic clearance, you can renew approval before the present visa expires. According to visa terms, it is provided for two years or till expiry of passport whichever is earlier.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization is electronic approval system for travelers from VWP countries. But it is the US authorities that take final decision regarding electronic clearance. The authorities can reject forms on any ground and once a request is turned down, the applicant gets no chance to undo the mistakes. He has to apply for a regular visa that needs lots of paper work. But travelers can escape the hassle by assigning the job of filling electronic authorization form to experts.

USA ESTA application is available for individuals as well as for group travelers. If you are in a group then its better you apply for group visa. In this way, the entire group will get travel authorization. But no matter, if you are applying individually as an expert can take care of your applications. The expert will make sure that every member in your group gets visa clearance.

Your only job will be to hire an expert and pay his fee. The consultant will charge only for successful applications. He will take the responsibility of notifying you about your ESTA status and when you get clearance, the consultant will mail you the clearance in PDF format.

Group travel to US made easy with ESTA

US travelers from countries participating in Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are provided electronic authorization for short travels to US. They are allowed visa-free travel for up to 90 days and for any reason from leisure to business. Single travelers should apply for electronic authorization individually and those traveling in communities can apply for group esta visa.

What is a group?

It is a set of people but they have similar destination, travel time and reason. A set of travelers going to same place; for same reason and for same time are provided one visa. If you are going to US with your family, friends or colleagues then you should fill one form for all and apply for one visa for all. It is easy and anyone from your family, friends or colleagues can do this job.

How to apply for one visa for all?


Go to a US visa website and access the electronic authorization form. Enter details about each traveler and then submit the group esta application. Soon after submission of the form, you will get a Group Identification Number with which you can track status of your form and also you will get one authorization for all. There will be no hassle in travelling with one visa. If you want, you can ask all the members to submit individual applications to get electronic authorization.

Why should you apply for one visa?

If all the members apply for individual visas, chances are that they could get electronic authorization in a hassle free manner. But what if one of the members doesn’t get visa? In this situation, the member has to apply for a regular visa that could take some time. If the member doesn’t get regular visa on time, you will have to leave without that member.

Group visa advantage

When you apply for group esta visa application, you ask for one visa for all and if the visa form is turned down no one gets electronic authorization. All the members can move to regular visa route to get visa for the trip. But there are little chances of the group requested rejected by the authorities. In fact, US authorities don’t reject ESTA forms until it is very necessary.

The most important thing about ESTA is that it is not a visa but permission to enter the US. You have to show electronic authorization at the time of entering the US and there the authorities can turn you back, if they find a reason to stop you from entering the US.

Everything you should know about ESTA visa

Do I need an ESTA visa? If you belong to a country participating in VWP program and visiting US for short time that is for up to 90 days then you need electronic authorization. It is for your convenience as the authorization is quick and also it will remove the need to have a regular visa for visit.

If you are visiting US for a long time then you have to take the regular visa route that cumbersome and time consuming but for short visits, there is electronic authorization. You only need filling a simple online form and send it to US authorities for evaluation. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes in filling the form and the authorities won’t take more than an hour in determining authorization.

It is electronic clearance hence doesn’t require substantiation. The authorization is provided on the basis of the details provided in the application. The application is kept simple but the applicants are advised to go through guidelines before starting filling the application. No corrections are allowed in the application and also the applicants have to pay a meager fee of $14 with ESTA online application form. The form is available on US government sites and also there are third-party sites that help in filling the form.

If you want to save money then you can choose to fill your form for electronic authorization on a government site but if you want to ensure that you enter correct details then you should use a third-party site. A third-party site will provide you comprehensive details on the guidelines released for filling the form. The only drawback of using a third-party site is its cost. It will charge a little more than the $14 fee. The site will add its profit to the fee.

US government allows applicants to access the form through third-party sites. ESTA visa online is available only on government site but it can be accessed from non-government sites. You can choose your site and use its services to fill your application form. The site will help in entering correct details at a meager service charge. You will get a fake form to fill before the details entered into the fake form to the real form.

Electronic authorization has many advantages. It eases the pressure from US immigration authorities and also it provides visitors an opportunity to skip the regular visa process.